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A DUI is a serious criminal charge that can have a harsh and lasting impact on your finances, as well as your future. Accepting these charges means facing a potential temporary or permanent loss of your driving privileges, possibly jail time, hefty fines, years of increased insurance premiums, and many hours of drunk driving school and community service. We focus on fighting your DUI charges to reduce the consequences and penalties you may be facing. 


When you’re accused of a DUI, we understand that you don’t need a lawyer who is going to either sweet talk you or even frighten you; you need a Rockford DUI lawyer who will give you the truth about the road ahead, whether it’s good or bad. Here at Schreiber Law, we will set specific goals for your DUI case and explain how Bradley Schreiber intends to achieve them when you’re looking a DUI lawyer in Rockford, IL. 


With Rockford DUI Lawyer, Bradley Schreiber, you can rest easy knowing that he will always have a personal connection with your case. Trust that the man you shake hands with to start your DUI case is the same one that will resolve it. Not only do we pride ourselves on communication, since it’s a vital concept within building your case and the attorney-client relationship, Schreiber Law will always have a personal connection with you and your DUI case. Our Cornerstone and pride is listening to our clients and keeping them updated on their case.

We have an open door open, open phone policy here at Schreiber Law where your calls and e-mails are always returned in a timely manner; not to mention we also treat each and every case and client as if we were representing a family member when you or your loved one is in need of a DUI attorney in Rockford, IL.

That is our Practice, Made Personal.


Attorney Schreiber has never stepped down from a fight. Any Rockford DUI attorney can claim that they are as aggressive, but being aggressive and tactful is what sets the best apart! Hiring a DUI lawyer in Rockford, IL that promises “to fight for you” may not be a good thing if that person believes he can rant and rave to get you what you want. This never works, in fact may do more harm by turning the Judge, States Attorney and Jury against yourself. Attorney Schreiber’s defense trademark is quite different. He believes in knowing your case better than the Judge or the States attorney; even you, the client. Aggressive preparation and a reputation in the Courts as a fighter can make all the difference when you’re search for DUI attorneys in Rockford, IL. 


For over two decades, Attorney Schreiber has focused on representing the accused; from simple cases to highly complicated DUI matters. From handling hundreds of DUI cases from people searching for Rockford DUI attorneys, we pride ourselves on finishing each one with a handshake and a satisfied client. While some Rockford lawyers like to sit back till your court date arrives, Attorney Bradley Schreiber believes that going on the offense is the best defense which could help prevent charges from being filed in the first place! 

From the date you are arrested up until the first court date, the wheels of the justice system start to turn and so should you and your attorney. Start today! The pre-filing of charges period is vital and an excellent opportunity to let prosecutors know that there is more to this story than what the police officer wrote in his reports. If we can provide facts or witnesses that can make the filing prosecutor rethink bringing charges, we can prevent a long drawn out battle in court and end this nightmare right away.


If you have been charged with a DUI find an experienced DUI attorney in Rockford, IL to defend you that cares as much about your case as yourself. We are on call after hours and Attorney Bradley Schreiber will speak with yourself personally.

Trust yourself and trust Attorney Schreiber’s commitment to our cornerstone of Practice Made Personal. Combined with our experience, commitment to quality, dedication and aggressiveness and we do not believe you will find a more well rounded attorney to protect your legal rights. 


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As the founder of The Schreiber Law Firm and Schreiber Law over two decades ago, Rockford Attorney Schreiber’s focus is on diligently serving the needs of individual’s and their families at every stage..

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